Parental Involvement In Student Homework


Enhancing Homeworks Effectiveness through Student Motivation and. Parental Involvement. Abstract. Homework has varying degrees of effectiveness therefore, it is important for teachers to know what elements aid in making homework assignments more effective to learners. There are outside factors that contribute to. Parental Involvement in Homework A Review of Current Research and Its Implications for Teachers, After School Program Staff, and Parent Leaders. Involvement in student homework can be influenced by several members of the school community teachers. Parental Involvement and Academic Achievement Rosie Thornton Governors State University. and parental involvement in homework of students with special needs. Because they are at the center of the homework process, teachers play critical roles in helping parents become effectively involved in student homework. In sharing ideas for homework involvement with parents, school-age care professionals, and parent leaders, teachers increase community support for student learning.

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