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During a homework session, watch for signs of frustration. No learning can take place and little can be accomplished if the child is angry or upset over an assignment that is too long or too difficult. At such times the parent may have to step in and simply halt the homework for that night, offering to write a note to the teacher. Tips for Parents The Homework Test. Is your childs homework being checked for accuracy or quality on a daily basis? For many parents, the subject of math arouses feelings of anxiety perhaps conjuring up memories of timed tests, difficult concepts, or embarrassing mistakes made in class. If you think of math as something that other people are good at or that has no practical use, your attitude may undermine your ability to coach your. It can clarify for parents what is expected of students. It can give parents a firsthand idea of what students are learning and how well their child is doing in school. Research shows that if a child is having difficulty with homework, parents should become involved by paying close attention.

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Homework has a long and surprisingly controversial history in the United States. Those who argue in favor of homework see it as a way to ensure practice and mastery of critical academic skills as well as a key way for parents to stay informed about their childrens education. Those who criticize homework suggest it. Best Dissertations Ever Parent to Parent, where we seek advice from those that know best, you!. HomeSeasonalFallBack to SchoolParent to Parent Homework tips.