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Western Blot Materials And Methods Thesis


Sep 27, 2017. Western Blot Materials And Methods Thesis Paper. Western Blot Materials And Methods Thesis Paper 5. Materials and Methods Freia Spillmann PhD thesis. Material and Methods. 91. 5. Materials and.. antibody was incubated with the blot for 1 hr at room Western Blot Materials And Methods Thesis. Materials General Methods. PhD Thesis, T. Kean, Cardiff University, 2006. 71. 2.3.8 DNA Agarose Gel Electrophoresis. Agarose (350 mg) was dissolved in. This solution was aliquoted and the samples stored at -80 C until use in western blot experiments. In the case of the suspension cell line U937, 20 ml of culture (at. Materials and Methods. 2.1 Materials. 2.1.1 Commercial suppliers. Unless otherwise stated, all chemicals were purchased from Merck, Sigma-Aldrich,. Difco. western blot. The PVDF membrane of the western blot was stained with Coomassie until blue protein bands were visible and the membrane was air dried.

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Chapter 2 Materials and Methods

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