Original assignee

Original Assignee


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Original assignee

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Original Assignee

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The provisions of this title relating to applications for patent shall be applicable to applications for reissue of a patent, except that application for reissue may be made and sworn to by the assignee of the entire interest if the application does not seek to enlarge the scope of the claims of the original patent or the application for. Jan 24, 2018. For applications filed on or after September 16, 2012, the original applicant is presumed to be the initial owner of an application for an original patent.. Each individual inventor may only assign the interest he or she holds thus, assignment by one joint inventor renders the assignee a partial assignee. Original Assignee, Return patents with the original assignee name, First name, last name, or both. Current U.S. Classification, Return patents with the current U.S. classification, Comma separated list of one or more classification codes. International Classification, Return patents with the international classification, Comma.