Why the OPM Needs Your Social Security Number on your

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improving your resume for application to federal employment. It includes sample. The Federal resume must include additional information that is not typically requested in the private sector. If you dont supply this. area code, social security number, country of citizenship, veterans preference, reinstatement eligibility,. Increased numbers of Federal agencies are in need of personnel with security clearances. Previously held clearances will kick start the process if it needs to be renewed. Dont Include Social Security Numbers. Safeguard your personal identification! Social Security numbers are no longer required on the Federal resume. Template for a federal resume. Name. Contact Information (address, phone number, email address). SSN

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Feb 25, 2016. A federal resume is typically several pages long with a high-level of detail and government keywords that demonstrates what knowledge, skills, and abilities you possess that. Photos Race References (use references available upon request to ensure they are current) Religion Social Security numbers. It says that putting your SSN is a blunder but I always put my SSN on applications.