How to write a Letter to a Friend (samples & examples)

Write A Short Letter To Your Friend


Write a short email to my father inviting him to attend a project day at school. Dad, I would love it if you attended my Project Day at school on ( date and time). Come and see what I have accomplished, as your opinion means a. Feb 20, 2017. lets clean-up the neighborhood. Dear Ai, I am very pleased to hear that you and your family are fine. In the last letter, you asked me what we should do to protect the environment in our area. I have thought a lot about it and found out some solutions. The first measure I think is to hold a clean-up campaign. A Letter of Advice. Dear Amy,. First of all, thank you for writing me this letter. I am sorry after hearing about your problems. Maybe I can give you some advice and things will get better soon.. you should tell your friends about this. I am sure they will be. Take a short rest and shell be alright, said the doctor. It was. F.3B. Nov 2, 2016. Dear friend studying abroad,. Its November now, meaning that you have been gone for about two months. Even though that does not seem like a significant amount of time, I have come to miss your presence very much. I took for granted how much you made me smile, made me laugh, and how often you.

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