Threefold Cafe

Although Australia may lie 10,318 miles away from our native Miami, there is one way we can still enjoy the best of the “Down Under”. Rather than hopping on a plane in search of an authentic Aussie experience, grab your car, drive to 141 Giralda Ave, and open the doors of Threefold Café.

Scrambled Eggs on Zak's Bread

Scrambled Eggs on Zak’s bread

Coming straight from Melbourne, Australia, Teresa and Nick Sharp have revolutionized weekend brunch with their all-day breakfast menus, fresh ingredients, and delicious doses of caffeine. Having fulfilled their goal of introducing something new to Coral Gables, they have brought  Australian delicacies to American table-tops, encouraging locals to replace sugary breakfast cereals with savory, smashed avocado toasts. Stocked with bread from Zak the Baker and  coffee from  Panther Coffee, Threefold Café has all the supplies it needs to be a sure success.

Smashed Avo

“Smashed Avo” with roasted mushrooms, feta, lime & thyme on Zak’s bread


A hotspot for weekly breakfasts, the quaint, Australian restaurant appeals to the likes of many, as their menu has a wide variety of sweet and salty items. The wooden tables and adorning Christmas lights create an inviting and tranquil atmosphere, one which differs greatly from Miami’s busy roads. As you sip on a orange juice or plain water out of Mason jar cups, you temporarily forget your hectic schedule and are abe to enjoy a hearty meal. If you are looking for a healthy start to your day, order the “Smashed Avo”, one of Threefold’s most popular dishes, where a creamy (and generous) layer of avocado overwhelms a slice of Zak’s artisan bread. Diverging from the conventional avocado toast, this breakfast option includes a layer of mushrooms, thyme, and feta cheese, infusing the dish with surprising flavor. For an additional cost, you can add a soft-poached egg to the “Smashed Avo”. All eggs from Threefold Café originate from free-range chickens, a small detail which guarantees the fresh flavor and quality of the dish.

The delicious gluten-free rendition of eggs benedict, titled “Pope Benedict” attests to this reality. Replacing English muffins with homemade hash-browns, the “Pope Benedict” is a unique adaptation of this breakfast favorite, consequently breaking everyday morning monotony. (Other savory favorites: “Veggie Omelet” and “Phenomenal Funghi”).

Pope Benedict served on hash browns

“Pope Benedict “served on hand-crafted hash browns with a spinach salad on the side

However, if you are looking to satisfy your morning sweet tooth, order either the “Mornin’ Monkey” or the “Big Kid Waffles”. Both of these quality dishes are rich with taste, as each bite leaves you wanting more. The “Mornin’ Monkey” is an Aussie style banana and walnut bread that comes paired with espresso butter and organic maple syrup. Each order comes with three slices of warm bread, making it a perfect sharing plate for the table.  The “Big Kid Waffles” are known for being fluffy pieces of perfection, as they are dusted with powdered sugar, fresh strawberries, and organic maple syrup. The sweet taste of vanilla makes these pancakes  perfect for an early morning sugar rush. Additionally, if you are looking for a nice dessert or morning snack, be sure to order the gluten-free, vegan brownie as it beats anything ever created by the Pillsbury dough boy.


The Mornin' Monkey bread with espresso butter & maple syrup

“Mornin’ Monkey” bread with espresso butter & maple syrup

Threefold Café is a popular restaurant with a nice environment and attentive service. Attracting both trendy hipsters and large families, it proves to be both a kid and adult-friendly breakfast spot. While the portions are rather large, each dish from Threefold Café has something delicious to offer, ensuring that you won’t be left disappointed. So, the next time you have a free morning or simply desire to have a good, quality breakfast, take a trip down to Threefold Café and embrace this delicious Aussie experience.

The Best of Threefold:

  • Smashed Avo $13 (+$2 for poached egg)
  • Pope Benedict $16
  • Phenomenal Fungi $14
  • Veggie Omelet $14
  • Mornin’ Monkey $8

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